Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wolves' Submissive by Ava Rose Johnson

The Wolves' Submissive

Ava Rose Johnson

Loose ID

Pub Date: Aug 2009

ISBN 978-1-59632-945-4

BSDM, ménage

Length: 122


Stavros and Caine love their mate, the human princess that completes them but while political unrest grows, so does the pressure to make her a werewolf, like them. Stavros is all for making Abigail one of them and can't understand why Caine insists on waiting. Worse, his brother is beginning to pull back from the relationship and making Abigail fear they no longer want her.Caine's issue is submission. To be a wolf, the human princess they adore will first have to submit to their will. It is imperative if she is to make the change and be safe from the volatile female wolf she could become. Caine loves her, but fears hurting her in the steps necessary to make her their mate forever. A born submissive, Abigail must change his mind.

I had a heck of a time leaving my computer once I started reading The Wolves' Submissive. It is a short story and in a different sort of reality but Ava Rose Johnson keeps to the important issues at hand and like I said, I couldn't look away. The sex scenes are hot and rough but always affectionate. Once the submission training starts there's even more love between the three and I'm glad there were some things left undone because I want to read more as soon as possible. I give The Wolves' Submissive five smacks. You should read it and tomorrow is probably a good day.

Rating: 5 smacks

Heat Level: Explicit

Other: bondage, submissive, anal, multiple partners

Review: StephB

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