Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hunter's Moon by J.O. Parks

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Title: Hunter’s Moon

Author: J. O. Parks

Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books

Published date:

ISBN: Not Available

Genre/Theme: Paranormal

Length: novel

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Synopsis- Laura Wyatt is a good cop. People trust her and she trusts herself until the night a wolflike creature kills an informant right before her eyes and a black wolf with tender human hands rescues her from certain death. Nothing seems real once the nightmares that haunt her come to life. Drug dealers, serial killers, corrupt politicians, an ex-husband, mythical creatures, and even Satan’s daughter are out to get her but Laura doesn’t understand why. With the aid of a werehuman named Malachi, she must find out the truth about her past before she ends up dead.

Review- Were I to rate this novel on story alone, I would give it a much higher rating. J.O. Parks creates an inventive tale filled with intrigue. The two main characters are likable and complex. Unfortunately, the technical problems overshadow the interesting moments. Hunter’s Moon reads like a first draft. Readers’ heads will spin as they leap from one point of view to the next. Lack of punctuation and incorrect word choices often left me confused and forced to look back at the previous paragraph in an effort to understand who was speaking and what he or she actually meant to say. If you really love shape shifter stories with a bit of mystery, you might want to give Hunter’s Moon a try, but honestly, I’d pass.

Rating: Two flames

Heat Level: Spicy

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