Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flipside Erotica by Darren Michaels

FlipSide Erotica
Darren Michaels
Length: 116 pages (her side) 112 pages (his side)
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FlipSide Erotica is a collection of short erotica stories. The author claims that some of these stories actually happened to him, some are his imagination and the rest are stories that did happen, but he changed the facts to fit how he wished things had happened.

This book is not considered an erotic romance. This is a book about sex, sex and more sex. It’s really like reading porn. A way to get your fix, so to say. I would not recommend this book to a romance fan. The stories are told in first person and really seem amateur, this book was not what I had originally thought it was. The one thing I did like was how the stories are first told in the woman’s perspective and then the man’s perspective. Although as a woman, one who appreciates sex, and erotic romance, I just could not see any solid foundation with this writing. Apparently this author is working on a second volume…maybe it will be better than this one! If you are looking to read short stories all in the 1st person, and practically reading porn than this is a book for you! But if you are looking for stories that involve emotion and everyday life with hot sex mixed in this book is not for you.

Rating: 2 smacks
Heat: Explicit (over 18)
Other: f/m/f
Reviewer: Tara

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