Friday, September 4, 2009

Rocky Mountain Heat: Six Pack Ranch-Book One by Vivian Arend

Rocky Mountain Heat: Six Pack Ranch-Book One

Vivian Arend

Liquid Silver Books

Pub Date: 2009

ISBN 978-1-59578-588-6


Length: 80


Little Jaxi started out loving the whole Coleman family. As the only child of perfectly nice, but private parents, but big, boisterous family with six sons was a treat she couldn't resist. Then she started growing up and the only Coleman she couldn't get out of her mind was the oldest son, Blake. She saves herself for him, makes herself the best woman she can be so she's ready when he finally looks her way and though he wants her, in his eyes she's still too young. A little resistance doesn't stop her plans though and with a little help from the rest of the Coleman clan, Jaxi sets out to get her man.

Rocky Mountain Heat is short, sweet and an awesome set up for what I hope is an erotic and fun series. Six, sexy studs in all, the Coleman clan made me laugh and made me want to be part of their family. Vivian Arendt shows a real knowledge of men in her depiction of the brothers. They are naughty, authentic and utterly irresistible. I give Rocky Mountain Heat four smacks with the option for more once the series is completed. It's hot and sweet right now, but I could see the rest of the brothers jacking that up to smoking!

Rating: 4 smacks

Heat Level: spicy

Other: oral, a little ménage

Review: StephB

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