Sunday, August 30, 2009

Raquel's Abel by Leigh Barbour

Raquel's Abel

Leigh Barbour

Red Rose Publishing

Pub Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60435-355-6

Romantic Fiction

Length: 275 Pages

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Raquel is an overweight woman whose life is becoming consumed by her never-ending appetite. When her career as an author is negatively effected by her size and her doctor warns of health problems she decides to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

While Raquel changes her life for the better, her resident ghost, Abel Rollins makes his dissent known. He doesn't want her to get the surgery because of his fear of surgery and hospitals. Killed in WWI he's been dead over fifty years but his memories and fear lives on. As his unease diminishes, his love for Raquel grows, as does the strength that allows him to stay with her for moments at a time.

Raquel's Abel is a heart-warming story. It is always amazing when the chubby, down on her luck girl makes good and seizes the day. Leigh Barbour's side cast of Raquel's grandmother, nurse and sister adds fun sprinkles of humor and humanity. I give it three smacks because it's not to my personal taste and I wanted to smack Raquel for being so judgmental and whiney at times. People with personal interest in weight troubles and enjoy a sweet, nearly non-sexual story will enjoy it because Raquel's Abel fits.

Rating: 3 smacks

Heat Level: sweet

Other: a little ghost kissing

Reviewer: Steph B.

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