Saturday, August 8, 2009

It Happened One Hurricane by Carla Rossi

Title: It Happened One Hurricane
Author: Carla Rossi
Publisher: Wild Rose Publishing
Published date:
Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Length: 53 Pages
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Amber Kensington moved to Texas to start over. Alex Clarke is the kind of guy who takes care of those around him. When a Hurricane causes an evacuation, he finds that Amber is stranded when her car does not start. Amber is very weary of men so her attitude toward Alex is pretty harsh. Will Amber and Alex be able to overcome their past hurts and form a friendship?

I really loved It Happened One Hurricane. I thought Alex's character was so incredibly funny. From the beginning when Alex prays to God and says "God, please don't let me scream like a girl!" to the very end when he finds himself fumbling like a teenager, this book made me laugh. I love to read a book that has a sweet message about love and God. It Happened One Hurricane is a book that you don't want to miss. It's a book that EVERYONE can read which really appeals to me because I have three teenage daughters who constantly ask me for books to read. Most of the time it's on an adult level so the answer has to be no. It Happened One Hurricane is one of those kinds of books that I feel great comfort in letting my daughters read. It has a message that I think just about everyone needs to read.

I love reading work by Carla Rossi. Her writing style flows smoothly and the subject matter is very relatable. Her characters always have problems that seem like "real life" problems which is what draws me into her stories. I recommend this story to anyone who would like a really fun, sweet and quick read. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: sweet
Reviewer: Elizabeth

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