Monday, June 29, 2009

Daughter of the Wind by Beth Trissel

Title: Daughter of the Wind
Author: Beth Trissel
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: 2008
ISBN: 1601544898
Genre/Theme: Romantic Suspense
Length: 258 pages
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Autumn, 1784: A tragic secret from Karin McNeal's past haunts the young Scots-Irish woman who longs to know more of her mother’s death and the mysterious father no one will name. The elusive voices she hears in the wind hint at the dramatic changes soon to unfold in her life among the Scot’s settled in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies. Jack McCray, a wounded stranger who staggers through the door on the eve of her twentieth birthday and anniversary of her mother’s death, holds the key to unlocking the past. Will she let this handsome frontiersman lead her to the truth and into his arms, or seek the shelter of her fiercely possessive grandfather? Is it only her imagination or does something, or someone, wait beyond the brooding ridges—for her?

I loved the plot of this story, oh and the setting was wonderful. I just can’t believe how much detail the author went into without being boring about it. Ms. Trissel is great at creating believable and loveable characters. She’s also great at giving us a happily ever after…kind of a bittersweet ending…No, I can’t tell why, you’ll just have to read the book for yourself to figure that out. I just love book covers, usually they are the first things I notice about a book. If the cover can draw my attention than I’ll normally read the book. The cover for Daughter of the Wind is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever the cover artist is did a wonderful job. And to me the book stood out as well. It was a great read and one any romantic suspense or Beth Trissel fan should read. Beth Trissel is a new author for me and one I will be looking for in the future as well.

Rating: 4.5 Smacks
Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Ruby Lee


  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful review. :)

  2. Hi Beth,

    I made a typo. Your review is supposed to have 4.5 smacks instead of 3.5 smacks. Sorry about that...(why I shouldn't do this late at night while I'm fighting my sleep:))