Sunday, July 12, 2009

Remembering Ashby by Heather Long

Title: Remembering Ashby
Author: Heather Long
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Published date: April 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934657-17-1
Genre/Theme: Fantasy
Length: 97 pages
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Peace among the clans has been nonexistent for the past centuries. But now that clan Lairds have decided to summon the God-touched people from their magical Isle to perform the rituals of Beltane to bless the peace talks between the clans, peace is within reach.

Melanie is honored to be chosen as one of six maidens to represent the Goddess at this important event. She is meant to be a vessel for the power of the Goddess while forgetting the failures of humanity during the festival. She knows should be concentrating on her part as a Maiden of the Hunt, yet she cannot banish the handsome Scot from her mind. Running in the Hunt is as sacred as the Goddess herself, and should her desires be known, there could be dire consequences for her and the clansman. However, she can’t find the will to deny his pull.

The mists of the Black Mountains enhance the excitement of their forbidden love while providing an escape from the Islanders encampment. Can they give in to their desires at the expense of their destinies?

Especially once The Sorcerer discovers their dalliance…

This was a great book! I really enjoyed it. I’m not much of one to try new authors, but something about this book drew me in and I’m so happy it did! Normally with stories like this one I have a hard time keeping up. The author has so much going on and you get confused and lost and you’re like…hey what the heck is going on? But Ms. Long has written a story that is very well in tact. It’s easy to keep up with; it’s easy to see what is going on with the characters and with the drama going on around them. I cannot wait to see more from this author, I am sure she is going to do great things. I recommend this book to any fantasy lover.

Rating: 4.5 Smacks
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Holli Winters

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