Friday, November 13, 2009

Case of Love by Wendy Stone

Title: Case of Love

Author: Wendy Stone

Publisher: Eternal Press

Published date: November 2009

ISBN: eBook 978-1-926704-81-4 / Print 978-1-926704-89-0

Genre/Theme: Contemporary

Length: Novel

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When reporter Mackenzie Hunter goes looking for a story and stumbles into a drug sting, she expects the worst but finds the best. Undercover detective Gideon Hawkins finds himself inexplicably drawn to the dark-haired beauty who goes looking for trouble without reason. If she waits a minute, it seeks her out all on its own. Trouble follows them both actually. As a cop and a hard hitting reporter the two of them are bound to stir things up. Drug dealers, angry psychos, fire, and overly protective family members prevent the two of them from ever being board as they struggle to overcome danger while discovering one another.

I loved both of these characters. Mackenzie is sweet and determined without being weak or overly pushy; Hawk is rough around the edges but incredibly loving; and the supporting characters, especially the Hunter family, add the perfect sense of reality to the mix. Ms. Stone’s tale of romance amid danger and mayhem with just a little humor to balance things out provided a delightful read.

Despite a few redundancies and inconsistencies in dialogue and behavior, Case of Love is well written and a fun read overall. I would recommend it as an exciting escape.

Rating: 3.5 whips

Heat Level: Erotic

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